Thursday, May 30, 2024

Unveiling the magic of New Moon: A game-changer in Glutathione supplementation

Today marks a significant milestone in the beauty and wellness community as we proudly introduce New Moon, a brand making premium health & beauty supplements to nourish our bodies from within, taking nutrition and vitamins into account to help us achieve a healthy and radiant glow. With our groundbreaking S-Acetyl Glutathione supplement engineered to perfection, New Moon is set to redefine beauty to nourish your skin from within and embrace a holistic approach to skincare, while also offering a blend of health benefits that caters to the modern lifestyle. This event marks the highly anticipated reveal of Soft Glowthe first affordable S-Acetyl glutathione in the Philippines.


Soft Glow S-Acetyl Glutathione is an all-in-one formula,infused with Vitamins C, D & E, Collagen and Zinc with oral sunblock and rosehip - synergistic in one convenient supplement that helps in detoxification, boosts weakened immune system and promotes skin health. Soft Glow can nourish and revitalize your skin with essential nutrients for a healthy glow from within, and with regular use, achieve a luminous complexion and even skin tone. Using high quality ingredients, New Moon Soft Glow is your daily source of glutathione supplement, free from the discomfort of stomach pain and bitter tastes. S-acetyl glutathione’s fastest absorption in the body addresses hyperacidity experienced by L-glutathione users, which is commonly available in the market today. This advanced European formula, made in the Philippines, is your key to radiant and glowing skin.



Dr. Bea Chan (@beamaxinemd) also graced the event to shed light on glutathione supplements. She’s a full - time dermatologist & licensed pharmacist, a fur- mom, and content creator. As per Doc Bea, glutathione is often referred to as the “master antioxidant,” a naturally occurring substance in the body that plays a crucial role in detoxification, immune support, and cellular health. As we age, our body’s natural production of glutathione diminishes, leading to an increased vulnerability to toxins, oxidative stress, and aging. S-Acetyl glutathione supplement is a potent and effective form of glutathione compared to regular glutathione supplements. This modification is believed to enhance its stability and bioavailability, the ability of a drug or other substance to be absorbed and used by the body and almost always equates to better therapeutic efficacy. S-Acetyl glutathione is better absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and potentially increases its effectiveness in delivering glutathione to cells throughout the body.

Finally, the much awaited celebrity endorser has been revealed the same day. The first celestial muse and New Moon goddess is no other than Elisse Joson. When New Moon was asked why they chose her,  it was a heartfelt decision to offer this product to Elisse. Her lifestyle perfectly embodies what their supplement, Soft Glow, stands for. Despite her busy schedule, New Moon ensures she maintains that soft, radiant glow, making her an ideal ambassador for our brand. Juggling motherhood and a thriving acting career is a feat in itself - it's a constant tightrope walk that can feel like a whirlwind at times! That's why we're absolutely delighted to introduce Elisse, the new face of New Moon. We're drawn to her genuine and composed nature amidst the chaos of a busy life. It wasn't just her captivating beauty that stole our hearts. During the planning stages, we were all struck by Elisse's relatable story as a working mom and businesswoman who skillfully manages every facet of her life with grace and unwavering dedication. We've seen her launch her own beauty and wellness business venture, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. This resonates deeply with the modern Filipina we strive to empower. Ultimately, Elisse's down-to-earth personality and her triumphs as both a mother and an actress perfectly embodies the strength, resilience, and beauty that defines the Filipina today – making her the ideal choice for New Moon.


Why choose New Moon Soft Glow?


In a market flooded with supplements, New Moon shines as a beacon of quality and trust. Our commitment to rigorous testing and scientific validation ensures that each bottle meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. 


● Scientifically backed: Developed in collaboration with leading health experts, New Moon is rooted in extensive research and development.
● Transparency and Trust: From sourcing our ingredients to the manufacturing process, we share every step with our consumers. 
● Eco-friendly: In line with our dedication to sustainability, New Moon has developed a vegan based capsule ensuring we protect the planet while promoting your health.




Be Among the First to Experience the New Moon Soft Glow

New Moon Soft Glow will be available on June 6, 2024 on Tiktok Shop for P449 as well as other online platforms. Mark your calendars and join the launch party on Jonah Sison-RamosTiktok account to get first dibs on Soft Glow!


Join the New Moon PH Beauties Community 


The celebration is more than just a product launch; it’s the beginning of a community dedicated to transformative health. By choosing New Moon, you’re not just enhancing your own well-being but joining a movement towards a healthier, more vibrant future. Whether you're a skincare aficionado or just starting your beauty journey, New Moon PH welcomes you with open arms. They are calling all beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts! Enable your inner radiance and share it to the world by becoming their Digital Influencer and Content Creatorthrough this sign-up form. Are you a social media maven passionate about beauty and inspiring others? New Moon is looking to collaborate with you and earn special rewards for the first set of New Moon Brand Ambassadors!

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