Thursday, May 30, 2024

Movie Review for " Chances Are, You and I " starring Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger

Kelvin Miranda is Sol Sikat, a young man with a brain tumor and a negative outlook on life. Kira Balinger is Gabi Sinag, which is Sol’s total opposite – a happy soul who radiates optimism despite her tumor diagnosis. 

Sol and Gabi's individual lives we're being connected in a very unique way by the universe which you will love in the movie.

Kelvin and Kira made it to a point to make you feel what they have onscreen as " Gabi " and " Sol " is something real.

Gabi and Sol's  kind of love is the love that would make you want to fall inlove again. The movie will give you relive your hopeless romantic side.

They both showed versatility in their acting skills for "

Chances Are, You and I " because they will make you feel happy and sad then the next thing you know is you are already laughing and crying while also getting inspired about life in general.

Kelvin is such a great actor here in " Chances Are, You and I " besides being very good-looking onscreen. He is also showed a different side of him on his acting skills for this movie. He potrayed Sol so well. You'll be inloved with his character.

He made the character of Sol someone that you will truly remember and he will also inspire you about his point of view in life.

Kira Balinger is so beautiful onscreen and acts very natural alongside Kelvin. She did a very good job on her role as Gabi.

Gabi was someone that you would want to have in your life because of her positive outlook and her positive thinking about life.

Direc Catherine " CC " O. Camarillo way of directing is definitely a game changer because the shots we're so amazing that makes you feel like you want to go to that specific place just like in the movie. Pocket Media Productions made sure as well that " Chances Are, You and I " is a well-budgeted film because some of the scenes of Kira and Kelvin were even shot at Korea during the pandemic times. 

The music being used for the movie is something you'll enjoy  because it's from your favorite PPOP Idol and OPM artist - SB19 and Juan Karlos.

Direc CC made sure the movie " Chances Are, You and I " will make you think about certain scenarios from the movie that's why you need to focus and enjoy every detail about the movie.

" Chances Are, You and I " starring Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger under Pocket Media Productions is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

I highly recommend to watch this film, together with your family and friends because it's such an inspiring and feel good movie that you and your companions will definetly enjoy.

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