Saturday, February 11, 2023

Jan B Entertainment showcased their talents on the Digital Artists Community Mic Series


JANB ENTERTAINMENT is hybrid (into digital, mainstream & on the ground media) company that offers original music in the genre of Soul, R&B, Pop, Rock, OPM and global music. These includes remake of iconic songs, given a new touch, dynamics and arrangement. All these tunes are to cater to a wide array of audience both local and international particularly in the US.

Giving life to these,compositions are our singers, yet undiscovered, who form our Digital Artists Community, and integrating these interpretations in their music journey, from music gatherings to professional gigs to mini-concerts up to music fests up to their recordings.

JANB ENTERTAINMENT is breaking new ground in music by helping undiscovered talents achieve the fame they deserve.  We putthese chosen digital artists in a cluster, forming our music family and from here, built our Digital Artists Community.  We support and lead them in their music journey with periodic networking activities with the industry leaders & media, continuous voice and performance apt trainings and seriously produce their records, distribute, market and promote it actively locally and globally.

Most of their talents are aspiring singers  and were discovered through a digital app for musicians. Jan B Entertainment NYC is helping these talented artists to enter the mainstream scene. 


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