Thursday, August 8, 2019

LEADS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION launches their newest products and aims to open more trading hubs

In a span of two years, Leads International Corporation (LIC), the sales and marketing partner of Leads Agricultural Products Corporation, is making a firmer foothold in the Philippines as it aims to extend its product portfolio and eyes to open five new trading hubs located at major cities nationwide. Goal is, to reach the same success level of its predecessor, which has gained 2B in collective sales and has made them as one of the leaders in the industry that’s been dominated by global conglomerates in the country. 

LIC broke out in the local scene with the Hiraya Brown Rice, their flagship brand of premium quality rice grains that has been the craze of many who desire a healthier alternative to white rice. Now, the company continuously serves a diverse clientele and has decided to release a premium alternative called Hiraya Germinated Rice. This variety of rice grains is a step above the regular brown rice as it includes more health benefits and does not differ from the taste and feel of white rice. Besides the brown rice variant, it is also offered in two new flavors: Hiraya Dagtum (Black Garlic) and Hiraya Kunig (Turmeric). 

Aside from Functional Food, LIC has introduced its brand-new home care insecticide called Green Home. This rainy season and the high time of diseases like dengue, Green Home functions as an effective, safe and odorless insect killer. Current brands in the industry are known to contain toxic substances, which are most likely ineffective and at the same time are a threat to our health. 

These new products are marketed along with LIC’s bestsellers such as Vera Skin Soap Line and Verve G1. Besides the release of new products, LIC also has plan in expanding their physical reach. Several locations have already been identified for future Trading Hub locations. These are Baliuag City in Bulacan, Olongapo City in Zambales, ParaƱaque City in Metro Manila, Dasmarinas City in Cavite, Lapu Lapu City in Cebu and Tagbilaran City in Bohol. More sites are being envisioned in the future as Leads International sought more clients in their growing product catalogue. 

“Our success is not only attributed to the quality of our products but to the perseverance of our Distributors in making sure that we deliver these quality products to a wider audience here in the Philippines,” says Mr. Jose Maria Fernando Malveda, President of Leads International in an interview at their jampacked sales rally in Quezon City last August. 

“We continue to hone our business strategy for our partners and clients and we foresee more growth in the future with more trading hubs and business opportunities to open up for us,” he added. 

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