Saturday, August 17, 2019


HOOQ, Southeast Asia’s leading video-on-demand
service delighted film fans and critics with two new acclaimed HOOQ Originals at the recently
concluded 15th annual Cinemalaya Film Festival 2019 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Jennifer Batty, Chief Content Officer, HOOQ said, “The Cinemalaya Film Festival has such a
long, rich history of bringing independent Filipino films to the forefront of Pinoy cinema. It is the
pinnacle of indie cinema in the Philippines, presenting a kaleidoscope of content from the country, and we are thrilled to have two of our originals showcased at this year’s event.”

Iska, co-produced with Firestarters Productions, Central Digital Lab and Uncle Scott Global Productions,is directed by Theodore Boborol, and stars veteran actors Soliman Cruz and Ruby
Ruiz. Iska is a true-to-life story of a loving but impoverished grandmother of an autistic child who
tragically loses everything and turns into something society reckons her to be. The powerful
drama challenges conventions and explores the more gritty realities of dealing with autism. Iska
bested all other entries - winning Best Actress, Best Sound Design and Best Screenplay.

In addition to Iska, the upcoming HOOQ Original movie, Mina-Anud, co-produced with Regal
Entertainment and Epicmedia, was invited to close the festival with an early screening for attendees. The highly anticipated feature film tells the story of two surfers who find 3 tons of cocaine washed up on the shores of a peaceful seaside community in Eastern Samar, Philippines. It’s then up to them to decide if the lure of a richer tomorrow is really worth risking both family and freedom.

Directed by relative newcomer Kerwin Go, Mina Anud stars seasoned actors, Dennis Trillo and Jerald Napoles as co-leads alongside a talented ensemble cast including Matteo Guidicelli, Alvin Anson, Mara Lopez, and Lou Veloso. The screening takes place ahead of the film’s theatrical release on 21 August.

Jeffrey Remigio, Content and Programming Head of HOOQ Philippines said, “In recent
years, Pinoy cinema has come a long way, with high-value productions earning nods across the
international film circuit. As well as working with the big production houses and studios, we’re strengthening our relationships with local filmmakers to help bring their artistic visions to life on
HOOQ, so they can share the stories that need to be told.”

In the last six-months, HOOQ has produced four originals in the Philippines, including recent
smash-hit feature ULAN, co-produced with Viva Films, starring Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino.
In addition, HOOQ introduced the quirky and daring 10-episode series titled, Sex Talks with Dr.
Holmes. The show is a helpline for those who have questions and concerns about sex and how
it figures in their daily lives.

HOOQ Plans are available for as low as P15/day with multiple payment options via credit card,
debit card, and telco partners such as Globe, Smart, and Sun. For those ready to enter a new
world of entertainment, HOOQ offers 12-month HOOQ subscriptions at 50% when you
download and pay via Google Play.
HOOQ can now be enjoyed on more devices like Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs,
Android TV, Apple TV, Globe Streamwatch powered by Roku and the new Globe Streamwatch
Xtreme Prepaid.
HOOQ is the leading video-on-demand service for emerging markets in Southeast Asia,
delivering over 12,000 hours of local, regional and Hollywood films, shows and live TV to its
users anytime, anywhere and on any device. Started as a joint venture in January 2015 by
Singtel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros, HOOQ has built an entertainment
destination deeply rooted in its understanding of consumers’ needs and habits. HOOQ currently
operates in the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Singapore, with a combined
population footprint of over 1.7 billion people.
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