Friday, February 1, 2019

Maxi Mango welcomes Kathryn Bernardo

Maxi Mango welcomes Kathryn Bernardo as their newest celebrity endorser. Kathryn personally loves mangoes and she also believes in the company's mission same with their product. Watch her interview on our Youtube Channel ( ) .

What is Maxi MangoMaxi Mango is a soft served ice cream dessert product which uses rich Mango
based soft served to create a spin on the Filipino classic Mango Float with other menu items using the same mango base.

Though Maxi Mango only began in December 2017 with its first permanent store established on September 1, 2018, the owners have already banked six years in the soft served industry through previous concepts and have a strong and competitive mastery both for this product and the equipment it requires.
Maxi Mango was developed through strenuous research and development.

Maxi Mango has a rich and creamy mango base, smooth to the palate and is the highlight of our product. Our edge in this industry is the soft
served itself; where other soft served companies normally pay little to no attention in their soft served base and drown their product in commercially
bought toppings, Maxi Mango offers no compromises with the highest quality possible.
Price – Maxi Mango offers affordable prices in order to adhere to all classes.

Maxi Mango does not compromise on quality and only uses sweet mangoes which are carefully handpicked and taken care of by our
“mango team” dedicated to only mangoes.

Maxi Mango is run by a family corporation, should franchisees need any support, attention will be given right away as there will be no need for
approval from partners. We focus on a personalized approach not just for our franchisees but for our customers as well which is why you will never see
generic copy pasted comments/messages on our FB and IG pages.

The Maxi Mango mission is to remove the stigma placed on affordable products which states that the cheaper a product is, the lesser the quality.
Maxi Mango offers affordability and the highest quality. We do not cut corners and will offer customers the best we can.

Mango Float – our Mango Float is a mango base with fresh mangoes, graham
crackers, and our own personalized cream recipe.

Maxi Mango – for customers with less of a sweet tooth, Maxi Mango is a mango base with fresh mangoes.

Mango Juice Float – fresh mango juice topped with a swirl of mango soft
served on top.

Mango Shake – mango soft served, fresh mangoes, and cream blended to a
thick and rich shake.

Expansion and Growth:

Maxi Mango is an appealing investment to potential franchisees for these reasons:
- We are the first of this concept to arise and the current market leader.
We intend on keeping our place through continuous marketing,
product development, and innovation.
- Area protection – Maxi Mango protects its franchisees by limiting the
number of branches within very close proximity to one another.
- Maxi Mango sets its return of investment at 6 months to one year
while informing franchisees that the one year mark is already a far
stretch and it is unlikely to take that long.

Sales and product impact:
The record highest sales for Maxi Mango was set at SM Fairview (a franchisee branch) last December 2018 for mall hours of 10am-12midnight at PHP121,000/day. While average daily sales can range
anywhere between PHP30,000 – PHP60,000 per day.

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