Friday, August 30, 2019

Cetaphil and Watsons launch National Healthy Skin Mission

Does your face feel clean but not tight after you wash it?
Does your face feel hydrated and well moisturized? Is it free from scales and flakes? Do you
use sunscreen to protect your skin from having sun spots?

If you answered yes to all four, then you have healthy skin, the four components of which are
even, smooth texture, hydration, and normal sensations.

You may have skin that looks beautiful and glowing but it is not necessarily healthy.
Cetaphil, the most prescribed skin care brand by dermatologists in the Philippines recently
launched National Healthy Skin Mission, an educational campaign that aims to educate Filipinos
on how to achieve healthy skin.

Healthy skin looks and feels smooth. The key word is consistent. It does not have to be as smooth as glass. Consistent skin color is also a sign of good health. Plump skin is also a sign that it is well hydrated. 

National Healthy Skin Mission is an effort initiated by Cetaphil in partnership with Watsons. As
Cetaphil’s brand purpose is to improve lives of Filipino’s through healthy skin. It is consistent
with Galderma's commitment to promoting healthy skin as part of a healthy lifestyle. " To be
completely healthy, you also need healthy skin" said Cetaphil Brand Manager, Francesca Sy
" We are very happy to be partnering with Galderma and Cetaphil for National Healthy Skin
Mission. At Watsons, we believe that you can look good, feel great by being healthy inside and
out" said Watson’s Category Manager, Aimee Pernia
As part of the National Healthy Skin Mission, Cetaphil imparts that there are different skin types.
A complicated skin care routine is not the key to healthy skin. What is important is to come up
with a skin care routine that is geared toward your skin type and skin issues.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the most iconic product of Cetaphil. It is fragrance-free, has a
pH level of 5.5 and is even gentler than water. It is the gentlest cleanser you can use on your
skin, whatever your skin type and concern.

The Cetaphil routine is simple but effective and includes three steps: Cleanse,
moisturize and protect.

Cetaphil is launching a roadshow to different parts of the Philippines so Filipinos could try out
the products for themselves. Cetaphil Healthy Skin Mission activations was held at SM Makati, SM
Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Lanang Premier last August 16-18, 2019 and in SM San

Lazaro, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Fairview last August 30-September 1, 2019.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


HOOQ, Southeast Asia’s leading video-on-demand
service delighted film fans and critics with two new acclaimed HOOQ Originals at the recently
concluded 15th annual Cinemalaya Film Festival 2019 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Jennifer Batty, Chief Content Officer, HOOQ said, “The Cinemalaya Film Festival has such a
long, rich history of bringing independent Filipino films to the forefront of Pinoy cinema. It is the
pinnacle of indie cinema in the Philippines, presenting a kaleidoscope of content from the country, and we are thrilled to have two of our originals showcased at this year’s event.”

Iska, co-produced with Firestarters Productions, Central Digital Lab and Uncle Scott Global Productions,is directed by Theodore Boborol, and stars veteran actors Soliman Cruz and Ruby
Ruiz. Iska is a true-to-life story of a loving but impoverished grandmother of an autistic child who
tragically loses everything and turns into something society reckons her to be. The powerful
drama challenges conventions and explores the more gritty realities of dealing with autism. Iska
bested all other entries - winning Best Actress, Best Sound Design and Best Screenplay.

In addition to Iska, the upcoming HOOQ Original movie, Mina-Anud, co-produced with Regal
Entertainment and Epicmedia, was invited to close the festival with an early screening for attendees. The highly anticipated feature film tells the story of two surfers who find 3 tons of cocaine washed up on the shores of a peaceful seaside community in Eastern Samar, Philippines. It’s then up to them to decide if the lure of a richer tomorrow is really worth risking both family and freedom.

Directed by relative newcomer Kerwin Go, Mina Anud stars seasoned actors, Dennis Trillo and Jerald Napoles as co-leads alongside a talented ensemble cast including Matteo Guidicelli, Alvin Anson, Mara Lopez, and Lou Veloso. The screening takes place ahead of the film’s theatrical release on 21 August.

Jeffrey Remigio, Content and Programming Head of HOOQ Philippines said, “In recent
years, Pinoy cinema has come a long way, with high-value productions earning nods across the
international film circuit. As well as working with the big production houses and studios, we’re strengthening our relationships with local filmmakers to help bring their artistic visions to life on
HOOQ, so they can share the stories that need to be told.”

In the last six-months, HOOQ has produced four originals in the Philippines, including recent
smash-hit feature ULAN, co-produced with Viva Films, starring Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino.
In addition, HOOQ introduced the quirky and daring 10-episode series titled, Sex Talks with Dr.
Holmes. The show is a helpline for those who have questions and concerns about sex and how
it figures in their daily lives.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

LEADS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION launches their newest products and aims to open more trading hubs

In a span of two years, Leads International Corporation (LIC), the sales and marketing partner of Leads Agricultural Products Corporation, is making a firmer foothold in the Philippines as it aims to extend its product portfolio and eyes to open five new trading hubs located at major cities nationwide. Goal is, to reach the same success level of its predecessor, which has gained 2B in collective sales and has made them as one of the leaders in the industry that’s been dominated by global conglomerates in the country. 

LIC broke out in the local scene with the Hiraya Brown Rice, their flagship brand of premium quality rice grains that has been the craze of many who desire a healthier alternative to white rice. Now, the company continuously serves a diverse clientele and has decided to release a premium alternative called Hiraya Germinated Rice. This variety of rice grains is a step above the regular brown rice as it includes more health benefits and does not differ from the taste and feel of white rice. Besides the brown rice variant, it is also offered in two new flavors: Hiraya Dagtum (Black Garlic) and Hiraya Kunig (Turmeric). 

Aside from Functional Food, LIC has introduced its brand-new home care insecticide called Green Home. This rainy season and the high time of diseases like dengue, Green Home functions as an effective, safe and odorless insect killer. Current brands in the industry are known to contain toxic substances, which are most likely ineffective and at the same time are a threat to our health. 

These new products are marketed along with LIC’s bestsellers such as Vera Skin Soap Line and Verve G1. Besides the release of new products, LIC also has plan in expanding their physical reach. Several locations have already been identified for future Trading Hub locations. These are Baliuag City in Bulacan, Olongapo City in Zambales, ParaƱaque City in Metro Manila, Dasmarinas City in Cavite, Lapu Lapu City in Cebu and Tagbilaran City in Bohol. More sites are being envisioned in the future as Leads International sought more clients in their growing product catalogue. 

“Our success is not only attributed to the quality of our products but to the perseverance of our Distributors in making sure that we deliver these quality products to a wider audience here in the Philippines,” says Mr. Jose Maria Fernando Malveda, President of Leads International in an interview at their jampacked sales rally in Quezon City last August. 

“We continue to hone our business strategy for our partners and clients and we foresee more growth in the future with more trading hubs and business opportunities to open up for us,” he added. 

To know more about Leads International, you may check out the following pages.

Facebook/Leads International Corporation
Instagram @LeadsIntlCorp

Twitter @LeadsIntlCorp

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tony Labrusca for BACSI BROS

Breakfast is well-known in the Philippines. Usually it’s garlic fried rice and fried egg paired with any dish. As everything around us evolves, BACSI BRO’S is the newest food concept that caters those people who loves All-day breakfast with a twist.

It's very own signature sauces add flavour to it's meal. What makes it more unique is that it can be served not only with rice but with it's scrumptious bread wrap.


  • Bacsi Wrap - Crispy Juicy Bacon, Golden scrambled eggs, topped with cheesy sauce and wrapped in baked pita bread
  • Cornsi Wrap - combination of corned beef, Golden scrambled eggs, and signature sauces wrapped in baked pita bread
  • Hotsi Wrap - combination of juicy hotdog, Golden scrambled eggs, and signature sauces wrapped in baked pita bread
  • Tapsi Wrap - combination of cured beef, Golden scrambled eggs, and signature sauces wrapped in baked pita bread