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Kuman Thong Starring Cindy Miranda and Thai Actor Max , A film by Xian Lim

A mother’s desperate attempt to reunite with her deceased son unleashes dark spirits and secrets, turning a hopeful journey into a nightmare in ‘Kuman Thong,’ a new movie from Viva Films and Studio Viva, written and directed by Xian Lim.

The horror film, whose title literally means “golden young boy,” features a cast of Filipino and Thai actors: Cindy Miranda, Max Nattapol, Jariya Therakaosal, Emman Esquivel and the star of Netflix hit movies, ‘Doll House’ and ‘Instant Daddy’ - Althea Ruedas. It is based on a Thai occult tradition in which a figurine housing a child’s spirit brings luck if properly revered… and harm if not cared for.

‘Kuman Thong’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas and is set to unleash terror across Asia, coming very soon in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The story follows Clara (Cindy), who travels to Thailand with daughter, Katie (Althea), to seek the blessing of Namfon (Jariya), the mother of her fiancĂ© Sai Chon (Max). However, Namfon isn’t enthused about the idea of her only son migrating to the Philippines, believing that the couple is not yet ready, especially with Clara still grieving the loss of her son, Isaac (Emman). Clara even carries around the urn bearing Isaac’s ashes.

Clara’s visit to Thailand leads her to a shaman who performs a ritual with Isaac’s ashes. The shaman hands Clara a Kuman Thong, promising that it can help bring back Isaac if she takes proper care of it.

Despite Namfon’s disapproval, Clara keeps the Kuman Thong with the hope she can reunite with Isaac.

Shortly after Clara began making offerings to the Kuman Thong, eerie occurrences plague their once peaceful household. Clara’s behavior also begins to change as she starts to sense Isaac’s presence. Even though Isaac’s spirit is putting the family in danger, Clara and Katie are thrilled by his apparent return.

Things take a darker turn when Isaac is seemingly not the only spirit posing a threat to their family, leading to sinister secrets being discovered that will change their lives for good.

Filmed in Thailand, ‘Kuman Thong’ is also written by Xian, drawing inspiration from Thai mythology. “My goal is to do justice to the Thai mythology and capture its authenticity,” Xian shared in an interview.

‘Kuman Thong’ is Xian’s first full-length horror film as a director, though it is not his first foray into a role behind the scenes. He made his directorial debut in the thriller ‘Tabon,’ which was part of Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2019. Last year, his comedy movie featuring Janno Gibbs and Benjie Paras, ‘Hello, Universe!’ hit the Philippine theaters.

Last July 1, the movie held its red-carpet premiere night, with positive feedback instantly pouring in after the screening. Various reviews described the film as a “must-watch for horror fans” and “thrilling ride” with “expertly-timed jump scares.” The Philippine Horror Community also cautioned moviegoers to “not watch it alone.”

Thai actor Max, the film’s leading man known for his projects such as ‘Manner of Death’ and ‘Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence,’ flew in from Thailand to personally attend the premiere night.

In an interview with the press, he shared his experience working with director Xian. “He knows what he's doing, you know. Every time that I talked to him, he would send a picture. He said, 'Max, it should be like this, like this,' and I loved that because I knew what my director wanted me to do.”

He also had nothing but praises for his co-stars Cindy and Althea. “There was one scene I felt so scared, not because of the script. But because Cindy was so good. She was something else… she is very good in acting,” he recalled. “Althea is the most talented girl I have ever met.”

Get ready to be gripped by terror in a spine-chilling movie experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Witness the power of the ‘Kuman Thong,’ now showing in cinemas nationwide, and coming soon in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

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