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Innovative Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ is finally in the Philippines

The world loves Korean skincare, and there’s no brand more loved than Dr. Jart+. That’s what makes its arrival in the Philippines a thrill for skincare enthusiasts, “skinnies”, and K-beauty buffs around the country. It’s a brand that practically invented the K-beauty industry, tracing its contributions back to one of the first BB creams ever made. It was founded in Seoul in 2005 by architect Leeo (Chin Wook) Lee. While working, Leeo was introduced to a makeup-like blemish balm only available in dermatology clinics. Inspired by this hybrid functionality, Leeo began collaborating with laboratories to create a product that blended powerful skincare benefits with the coverage of a foundation. A designer in a lab. Doctor + art. Dr. Jart+ was born.


Today, Dr. Jart+ is globally known for its unique blend of scientific innovation and creativity- fantastic, effective formulations delivered with an artful play that make the brand experience unlike any other. That’s the draw, and that’s what guests got first hand at the Cicapair launch on July 1. 


Redness and sensitivity are near the top of the list of skin concerns for Filipinos, and there are a lot of reasons. Pollution, environmental stressors, heat, sun, acne, irritation- you name it, the Philippines has it. So the launch was conceptualized as an immersive experience- part art installation, part laboratory, and all of it visually stunning. At the outset, guests were invited to explore The Red Zone, a gallery of red video walls, lights, and text representing skin concerns and common sensitivities. Here they got a better understanding of the underlying causes. From the harsher environment of the first room, guests were then guided to the Sensitivity Free Zone, a green room with a contrastingly calm vibe enhanced by DJ Dara performing in the Chill Lounge. The centerpiece of the space was the Cicapair lab where brand ambassadors shared their expert product knowledge, conducted skin analysis tests, identified individual sensitivities, and gave personalized recommendations on how to soothe them. Guests soon found out why Cicapair is the perfect range to help them soothe and calm their sensitive skin. Each Dr.Jart+ product has been designed to treat everyday complexion concerns with a blend of skin-balancing and ultra-healing formulas. 


Dr.Jart+ Cicapair™ Collection 


The products use tiger grass from Asian wetlands and other lab-tested cica skincare ingredients. The serums, creams, and masks in the Cicapair™ collection were created to deliver the power of cica skincare straight to your skin. 


Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30is a cica skincare bestseller that corrects redness and helps protect skin from environmental aggressors like the sun’s rays and pollution. 


Cicapair™ Foaming Cleanser gently purifies and calms sensitive skin with its soothing formula. Infused with tiger grass (centella asiatica) and a blend of herbs, it effectively cleanses while reducing redness and irritation, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and balanced. 

Cicapair™ Intensive Soothing Repair Gel Cream is a lightweight yet deeply hydrating gel-cream that targets redness and sensitivity. Formulated with tiger grass (centella asiatica) and botanical extracts, it helps to calm and soothe irritated skin while providing a barrier to protect against environmental stressors. 


Other Dr.Jart+ Collections 


As a brand that’s all about creation, there are a lot more Dr Jart+ ranges to test out. So if redness isn’t the concern, there’s a product for every issue from dehydration, uneven skin tone, fine lines, to wrinkles, and more. 


The Ceramidin™ collection with Ceramides and Panthenol + Glycerin helps strengthen the skin barrier making it look and feel healthy, hydrated, glowing and full of bounce. 


The Vital Hydra Solution™ collection with Hyaluronic Acid + PENTAVITIN™ instantly hydrates, plumps, and boosts skin's glow. Dr.Jart+'s new water cream, treatment essence, and bestselling face mask are all dermatologist-tested. 


Dr. Jart+’s Every Sun Day™ Sunscreen collection protects the skin from harmful UV rays while providing skincare benefits. 


Dr.Jart+ is exclusively available at Watsons and LOOK At Me stores nationwide, watsons.com.ph and Watsons official stores on Shopee and Lazada

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