Saturday, June 15, 2024

Why Having a Passion for Coffee is Black and White—in Unexpected Ways

Passion can be expressed in several ways. For coffee enthusiasts, having a taste for only the best brews comes naturally. For others, they perceive their love for it as a form of art and a method of self-expression.

Breville Philippines, one of the country’s leading home lifestyle providers, resonates with all of the above. The brand, which is synonymous with its top-quality home and kitchen essentials, has mastered not only the craft of tapping the passion of their market but also constantly expands it.

Its upcoming release of new colorways for some of its espresso machines is proof of this. For customers who have an eye for design, you will be pleased to know that Breville’s Bambino® Plus and Barista Express™ Impress espresso machines will soon be available in Sea Salt and Black Truffle variations designed to elevate the aesthetics of your coffee corner.

Imagine the diamond white of natural sea salt with a pinch of matte pearl and you have the Sea Salt colorway which is perfect for anyone who loves a minimalist style. The Black Truffle, on the other hand, is an elegant shade inspired by decadent black truffles in a luxurious velvet-like matte coating. For those who prefer a sleeker, more modern look, this colorway is sure to give an aesthetic twist in your coffee corner.

Feature-wise, the new color options will still come packed with outstanding features that the brand is known for. Priced at PHP41,999, Breville’s Bambino® Plus is equipped with an Auto MilQ hands-free texturing function that allows effortless microfoaming, while the Barista Express™ Impress, at PHP69,999, has a reliable Impress Puck™ System that lets even coffee beginners achieve the perfect dose and precise tamp while also minimizing the grinds on the machine and bench top.

Both models incorporate the four keys formula used by professional coffee machines—a sequence that combines precision puck, extraction pressure, extraction temperature, and microfoambubbles—allowing home users to enjoy quality coffee right in the comfort of their homes.

Undoubtedly, Breville Philippines was able to establish a long-standing impact in the coffee community by constantly breaking barriers. While before, having a passion for coffee was seen to be exclusive and high-brow, the brand has worked in making it more inclusive to everyone regardless of their level of knowledge through their products. Now, Breville is expanding its reach by also catering to the self-expression of its market through the elegant designs of its products.

The new colorways for the Breville Bambino® Plus and Barista Express™ Impress’ are currently open for pre-orders. The offer is only available in select SM Home branches nationwide. Meanwhile, the brand is also running the Brew Buddies promo which lets customers enjoy 50 percent off the Breville Smart Grinder Pro when you buy the Bambino® Plus Stainless SteelModel. The offer is available via Breville’s official e-commerce channels and home appliance partner stores and malls. Make sure to only buy from authorized dealers to ensure the quality of your Breville products.

The Sea Salt and Black Truffle models are proof that any passion can be perceived as an art form. Don’t miss out on the grand launch of the new colorways by following Breville Philippines’ official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels. You can also check out the website for other models by clicking on this link.

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