Saturday, May 25, 2024

SB19, BINI, SunKissed Lola, Flow G & Puregold debut the ultimate OPM collaboration with the “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” music video

After weeks of building anticipation and dropping hints on their social media platforms, Puregold has finally unveiled the music video to the new song “Nasa Atinang Panalo.”

Released this past May 25, the video is a must-watch for Pinoy pop fans. It serves as the ultimate collaboration of four of the country’s most sizzling musical acts: SB19, BINI, SunKissed Lola, and Flow G.

“These four artists are the powerhouse acts in Philippine music today. Collaborating with them is an excellent opportunity to reinforce Puregold's brand message,” said Vincent Co, President of Puregold Price Club, Inc. “Puregold proudly celebrates their achievements and is dedicated to continuously uplifting Filipino talent. And as we look forward to our 500th store milestone, it’s a privilege to have these artists produce a song that authentically represents our core values.”

The music video shows all four acts together singing and dancing along in a stylized Puregold store. They flaunt their diverse talents: harmonizing, dancing to exciting choreography, playing instrumental solos, or, in the case of Flow G, writing and rapping their own verses.

Beyond just the monumental feat of having all four mega acts in a single music video for the same song, “Nasa Atin ang Panalo” also celebrates the people of Puregold. Dancing alongside them and sharing the spotlight in the music video are the everyday shoppers and store staff that keep Puregold a running success from day to day. Puregold’s very own Aling Puring even makes an appearance to jam with the country’s biggest stars.

The song perfectly captures the “panalo” spirit that has defined Puregold’s long history in the retail business. Beyond that, it also speaks to the “panalo” stories of the artists involved in creating it. Each one hascome into this project with their own stories of success.

SunKissed Lola’s relentless ascent in the industry affirms their commitment to turning dreams into reality. BINI’s growth and coming-of-age narrative serves as a reminder of the profound value of transformation and evolution over time. Flow G’s unwavering determination in the face of constant obstacles demonstrates his resilience and resolve to forge ahead. SB19’s journey, filled with triumphs and trials, is a powerful example of the ability to bounce back and confront each new day.

The collaborative song combines all of these elements in a single that can be enjoyed online now and soon on streaming platforms like Spotify.

Excitingly for Pinoy pop fans, there’s even more looming on the horizon. All four artists have already teased solo tracks that will soon drop with Puregold in the forthcoming weeks. Each new original song will dive further into the artists’ individual qualities that have allowed them to reach their “always panalo” dreams. Fans are encouraged to keep a close eye on Puregold’s social media accounts for further developments.

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