Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Young Soju Enthusiasts Immerse in Flavorful Korean Tradition in JINRO’s Memorable Soju Night

JINRO, maker of the world's leading soju brand, recently gave a group of young soju enthusiasts a memorable experience of immersing in Korea's rich tradition while savoring the exquisitely unique flavors of JINRO Soju.

On December 15th, JINRO hosted a nationwide Soju Night event at various points of sale across the Philippines, offering consumers the opportunity to receive 50 bottles for free. Invited young guests were seen reveling in fun, lighthearted conversations while enjoying abundant rounds of Korea's favorite soju drink. The exclusive event allowed guests to savor the unparalleled taste that defines JINRO Soju, resulting in an outpouring of positive reviews and acclaim for the brand.

The highlight of the whole event was the culmination of a comprehensive survey conducted among the attendees. An impressive 91% of surveyed guests correctly identified JINRO as the world's top-rated soju!

After rounds of meticulous deliberation and tasting sessions throughout the evening, JINRO Soju emerged victorious with 96.6% of discerning and enthusiastic participants choosing JINRO as their top choice for Soju Drink. 

"It's been an absolute pleasure hosting JINRO Soju Night at all of our establishments. Witnessing our customers choosing JINRO Soju as their go-to drink whenever they come in is a testament to the brand's exceptional appeal” shared Jin-Joo Korean Grill BBQ Team Leader (BGC Branch), Mike Faundo.

Renowned for its exceptional quality, exquisite flavor and rich heritage, JINRO has captured the essence of soju in all the right ways. The brand encapsulates tradition and modernity, offering a blend that captivates soju enthusiasts globally. With its commitment to bring delicious and unique flavors, JINRO never fails to deliver exceptional quality in every one of its signature green bottles. From its meticulous selection of ingredients to its perfectly-crafted distillation techniques, JINRO affirms its authenticity in creating a delectable experience that goes beyond one’s expectations.

“What makes JINRO Soju special is that it’s more than just a delicious drink to enjoy at the end of the day or celebrating any occasion; it's an experience you get to feel. There’s this unique quality to it, and I’m not surprised that many people here love JINRO Soju. It’s a taste that’s hard to forget and impossible not to crave,” participants shared from the event.

Other than the drink itself, JINRO Soju also symbolizes the cultural richness and spirit of Korea, transforming its beloved rice wine into a global phenomenon. Its rich and cultural heritage bears the legacy of Korean ancestors, whose recipe was passed down through generations and mastered to produce the soju perfection that is now being enjoyed all over the world.

The successful Soju Night was indeed a celebration of the spirit of togetherness and an appreciation of the precious art of soju making, as exquisitely shared by JINRO through its unique flavors and mixes.

For more information on JINRO Soju and its upcoming events, visit www.hitejinroph.com and follow the brand’s account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to use it’s official hashtag: #TasteTheOriginalSoju

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