Sunday, August 6, 2023

Comedian Alex Calleja is GoodWill’s resident antagonist

People have been looking for an antagonist so the producers and added a new character joining the motley group of the Goodwill gang whom everybody loves so much — and people will surely love the series’ newest character.

“Only Alex Calleja can probably pull that off. Kontrabida pero mamahalin parin kasi nakakatawa siya,” says award-winning actor Raymond Bagatsing, who plays Atty. Ferrer, of the show’s guest for its season 2 finale.

“Maganda ang biglang sulpot ng isang kontrabida sa kuwento. Pero para sa isang comedy siyempre pati kontrabida kelangan nakakatawa parin. Eh si Alex na yun,” says veteran comedian Smokey Manoloto who plays Mang Pepe on the comedy series.

Alex Calleja is mainly a successful standup comedian, a writer, producer and director. He has other shows on-going including Balita One Nan and Jack and Jill on Diamond Hill, also on Net25, Face 2 Face with co-host Karla Estrada and TikTalks both on TV5, and has had full-packed one-man standup comedy acts in the Maybank Performing Arts and Music Museum.

Alex will soon be performing at the New Frontier Theatre (formerly KIA) in Araneta Center this October 6 for his birthday show called The One with one hour of all new comedic materials. Tickets start selling this week in SM outlets and TicketNet.

“Team ni Alex Calleja ang group of writers ngayon sa Goodwill kaya dami nating tawa ngayon sa mga eksena — pati behind the scenes,” says co-star David Chua who plays Lloyd on the show.

Alex Calleja joins Goodwill in its Season 3 storyline.

Meantime, watch out for the mayhem and all the craziness that the new character will bring to the resort!

This is exciting but there are cliffhangers to look forward to on the season finale of the show.

Catch the Season 2 Finale of Goodwill on NET25 this Sunday at 4 pm right before Korina Interviews. Not to be missed! Also, watch the series from the start! Visit Net25’s YouTube Channel to catch up on Seasons 1 and 2:

Goodwill season 1 ep 1👇

Goodwill season 2 ep 1👇

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