Tuesday, June 6, 2023

BOSS TOYO bringing good vibes to BLVCK ENTERTAINMENT’s roster of talents

Blvck Entertainment continues to strengthen its roster of talents. The latest addition to their list is Jayson Luzadas or popularly known as Boss Toyo. Boss Toyo is an active social media content creator and influencer since 2017. His social media stats are as follows: Boss Toyo on Facebook 471k, Boss Toyo Production on YouTube 383k, sitoyotohmahmen on Tiktok 85k. His notable online show is “Pinoy Pawn Stars” patterned after History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” He produced this adaptation to give value not only to the possessions that artists have acquired through their hard work but also to recognize the artists themselves who have carved their names in the industry.

Part of Boss Toyo’s advocacy is his “Sugod Bahay” program where he visits different barangays in Metro Manila and gives people entertainment and surprises. He is also the producer of Geng Geng Network, a direct to Facebook channel that has different programs: “Pautang Nation” a show where the online audience can loan up to P5,000, “Battle of the Geng-Geng,” a game show which is patterned after “Family Feud” and “Tarantadong Pinoy,” a talent show for all who want to try their luck to online fame. All of these to help and entertain people. An entrepreneur at heart, Boss Toyo is founder to his own clothing line, Toyo Wear.

Beacause of Boss Toyo’s personality: creative, witty, naturally comedic, very spontaneous plus a passion for music are the characteristics that convinced Blvck Entertainment heads Engineers Louie and Grace Cristobal to sign him up as a “Blvck artist.” They believe that their collaboration of ideas can give birth to new and interesting concepts in content production, particularly, music. With Toyo bringing the good vibes to the company something unique, big and exciting is bound to happen.

Boss Toyo considers himself a newbie to the music industry but has already released 2 songs in music streaming platforms. His being friends with other Hip-hop artists like Flow G, Honcho and King Badger inspired him to be a rap artist as well. His goal is to create more songs because he believes that music has a very strong influence on people. “Rap Lord” his latest single, is his first to be released under Blvck Music. Music and lyrics by Engr. Louie Cristobal and Romel Afable with JG Beats as Beat Producer. And why “Rap Lord?” Simply because he wants to claim this title for his own. He just hopes that other rap artists will not get offended by this. Along with the music single is a music video directed by Edrex Sanchez and will be available on YouTube and music streaming platforms. The journey of Boss Toyo and Blvck Entertainment begins, and we can expect more interesting projects coming out soon.

Boss Toyo’s music video and media conference are made possible by Alkaviva Waters Philippines, Grace Electronics Philippines, GLC Infinite Waters International, Blue Green Dragon Marketing, LG Realty Development, CafĂ© Gracia and Blvck Creatives Studio.

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