Sunday, March 12, 2023

Goodwill on NET25 a Discovery Center for New Fresh Talent


With the changes in the landscape of entertainment these days: take note, the closure of ABS-CBN and the birth of many streaming platforms, online sites and smaller networks — it is a free for all playibg field for talent and creativity. 

On its 8th episode this weekend on NET25, the romantic comedy GoodWill has proven that superstars aren’t necessary for a good one. Certainly not for a good laugh. 

Starring award winners David Chua, Raymond Bagatsing and Devon Seron with veteran Smokey Manoloto and funnygirl Kat Galang the running story showcases new talents every week for the industry to discover.

“Now is the time to do this”, says producer Arnold Vegafria, “as the industry adapts to its new normal where everyone has a bigger chance of expressing and succeeding”. 

Take note Goodwill’s next episode:

The new guest/chef of GoodWill Resort is really very snobbish and high maintenance — even Cora cannot keep up!

Will Lloyd leave because of his fight with Sarah? Will GoodWill resort ever get good reviews again?

Lloyd must really overcome every challenge to get his inheritance from his dead mother.

The story goes on and everyone is really hooked so don’t miss GoodWill later at 4pm on Net25.

NET25 is on Digital Free TV Channel 28, Analog Free TV Channel 25, on Skycable and Destiny Cable on Channel 18, SatLite Channel 25, Cignal Channel 14 and GSat Channel 38. Just re-scan your TV box to receive NET25.

And if you want yo catch up? Anytime, anywhere on the Net25 YouTube Channel at for the latest episodes of GoodWill.

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