Thursday, February 16, 2023

Humility and determination: Puregold endorser Queenay Mercado maintains values as a TikTok star


Puregold has trained the spotlight on Queenay’s talents through TikTok’s “52 Weeks.”

One incredibly powerful impact that social media has had on the world today is its ability to launchseemingly ordinary people to superstardom. There’s no telling just what the next viral video willbe, but when it hits, it does with unmistakable force


Such is the case of Queenay Mercado, one of TikTok’s fastest rising sensations, whose “panalo” story is primed to inspire and motivate Puregold’s young, aspirational customers. Queenay, in factrelates how the values of initiative and persistence have played a part in her life journey.

Queenay’s phenomenal rise to prominence proves that determination and a healthy mindset trump any or all challenges.


Long before fame and success cameQueenay was a simple probinsyana who grew up in her hometown in Batangas. She did not show much promise, then, and stardom was just a distant dream for herAs a kid, Queenay first needed to hurdle a few speed bumps, including being called “Broiler” for being plus sized


But Queenay was undauntedAs a showbiz aspirant, sheparticipated in acting workshops, hoping these would open doors for herFor the longest time, however, she only snagged bit roles. At one point, Queenay’s sole “claim to fame” was being glimpsed for a few seconds in the background of some GMA 7 teleserye


Thankfully, Queenay’s flair for self-expression led her to video-sharing platform, TikTok. That was when Queenay’s profile really took off. To date, she has accumulated over 13 million followers, attesting to how her charm and appeal can generate a rabid following.


Puregold has trained the spotlight on Queenay’s talents through TikTok’s “52 Weeks,” the 36-episode series that starred Queenay in the leading role of Mina, alongside co-star Jin MacapagalQueenay has also joined the cast of the TV5 sitcom Oh My Corona. All this time, the TikTok sensation has remained unaffected, an attitude that endears her to her legions of followers. 


Queenay’s phenomemal rise to prominence proves that determination and a healthy mindset trump any or all challenges. And if one wants to be happy, humility is important to have as well.



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