Saturday, January 28, 2023

Good Will Cast elated over overwhelming viewer response

Such was the typical reaction to the pilot episode of Good Will, the new afternoon sitcom launched last Sunday, January 22, on Net25.

Another guy remarked, “Ganda ni Devon!!!” 

“Excited for this team-up!” exclaimed another.

The Good Will cast held a watch party at Dark Carnival Productions’ studio in Manila, where most of the cast, led by David Chua, Devon Seron, Raymond Bagatsing, Smokey Manaloto, James Caraan, Ryan Rems and Kat Galang, previewed the show for the first time.

For the pilot episode, Lloyd Patawad (David), the rich kid/spoiled brat and rockstar wannabe is seen facing one misfortune after another. His girlfriend suddenly walks in on him snuggling cozily with his fling, he gets fired at work, gets scammed, and worse, gets beaten up black and blue.

But just when he thought his world was crumbling apart, he suddenly gets stumbled upon by his rich mom’s lawyer, Atty. Ferrer (Raymond) who breaks the shocking news: his mom had passed away, but has left him a sizeable fortune in her will.

But to claim his rightful share, he has to hurdle a series of challenges that will test his character and fortitude, and eventually turn his life around for the better.

The pilot episode’s cliffhanger finds Lloyd in a dilemma. Should he take up Atty. Ferrer’s offer,  head back to his mom’s resort and leave all his rockstar dreams behind? 

Incidentally, one of the highlights of the pilot episode is the guesting of Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez and MWP 2021 Top 13 finalist Maria Gigante, who can now be rightfully called ‘ambassadors of Good Will.’

Tracy played Faye, Lloyd’s girlfriend, while Maria played his paramour.

“It’s something new to me, but certainly a memorable experience,” Tracy posted on her Facebook account.

“Did someone say TV debut? So thrilled to have shared this milestone with Tracy Maureen Perez and of course, the amazing David Chua,” Maria huffed in her FB shoutout.

For this Sunday’s episode, Lloyd takes a long drive with good buddy Julius (James Caraan) and heads to his departed mom’s resort named Good Will, where he’ll get to meet the odd bunch of comic characters headed by Mang Pepe (Smokey), Sarah (Devon), and many others.

Tension also brews initially between Lloyd and Madam Motia, played by special guest, comedienne Tart Carlos—a mainstay of the long-running Kapamilya drama series, Be Careful With My Heart.

Catch the next episode of Good Will this Sunday, January 29, 4:00-5:00pm on NET 25, before the show Korina Interviews.

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