Thursday, December 22, 2022

A not so ordinary kind of LOVE in "My Father, Myself" this December 25, 2022

" My Father, Myself " is indeed a very interesting story about the LGBTQia+ community. I didn't expect the story could have a plot twist because of the very intriguing trailer that gained millions of views. You must WATCH " My Father, Myself " to know what i'm talking about.

The heart has many things to say and feel. What and how? To let go of what it says so as not to inflict pain in another's heart.

Or will you let your feelings show what's deep inside of you and get the happiness you think you deserve.

Is there a love that is right? And when does it become false?

These are questions that will give light on a lovestory or lovestories that will unfold in Quinn Carillo's screenplay, inspired by the Direk Joel Lamangan's story, the official entry to the 2022 Metro Manila Film Festival this December 25.

"My Father, Myself" produced by Mentorque Entertainment and 3:16 MediaNetwork features Jake Cuenca, Sean de Guzman, Dimples Romana and introducing Tiffany Grey.

Jake and Dimples worked on a Kapamilya series, "Viral Scandal" and had the honor of working with the Lamangan in several projects before this came to be. It's a no-brainer how they were able to give life to the characters direk Lamangan designed for them. 

To-date, Sean is being dubbed as the Vivamax King. And the two international acting awards he bagged were products of Lamangan's direction. The list goes on with the projects he did with Direk Lamangan like "Anak ng Macho Dancer", "Lockdown", "Fall Guy" and more in the pipeline.

Days after the trailer hit social media, the Twitter netizens were a-buzz on the different reactions they had for "My Father, Myself."

There was much to be said. Criticisms. Discussions. Debates. Because of some scenes in the trailer, some from the LGBTQ+ world deemed it to have a very strong and brave theme.

"See the movie first, before you judge it. There was no intention to offend anyone in any way. We just wanted to tell a story. A different kind of love. A colorful life of a family," shared Direk  Lamangan.

As for the prolific writer, Quinn, "This is not fiction. There was a basis where the germ of the story came from. Some may find some kind of  a shock value. It's up to the viewing public as to how they will interpret it when they see it."

In time for the reason for the season, Christmas, "My Father, Myself" is the gift that the whole cast with Allan Paule, Jim Pebanco, AC Carillo, Mon Mendoza, Shawn Nino Gabriel, Erryn Garcia, K Contreras, Rayah Minioza and Joseph San Jose and the Production with Len Carrillo,Win Salgado, Jumerlito Corpuz,  Nino Abad and Bryan Dy wishes to share with the family.

On December 25. A package of a good movie with everything and anything about love and a different kind of love will set one's heart on fire!

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