Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Journey Towards #MeganBeautyWorld

The world is our runway. To be able to walk with grace and beauty, one must be clothed with confidence and strength to face every challenge the world has to offer. In doing so, the power it takes to be fearless in taking on the world is something that has to be done with all the will-power one could gather, including the confidence in being beautiful as you really are. 

As Miss World 2013, Megan Young has been a catalyst of women empowerment through championing beauty with a purpose movement. In one of her Instagram posts, she said “I want to feel empowered with or without makeup and not be hard on myself”. On a random day, Megan Young was casually strolling along and discovered the products of Megan Beauty, and to share it with others, she featured it in her vlog. The brand caught her interest because it was in her namesake. She had bought a peel off mask, eye gel patch, and facial foam wash. Megan had the heart to share the products she bought as she thought it was really effective and had done the job right. Later on after posting the said video, Lifestrong Marketing Inc., the company behind Megan Beauty, chanced upon Megan’s vlog and figured she could be the new face of the brand. As a result, a lunch date was set and that’s when they got to know her better which proved sealing the deal was the right choice. Hence, Megan Young was made the new and freshest brand ambassadress of Megan Beauty

The reason why Megan Young is the ideal representation for Megan Beauty is because of how she fits just right with the brand. Megan Young, as most of us know, is the first ever Filipina crowned as Miss World year 2013. Aside from being a beauty queen, she is a model, television presenter, host, vlogger, a diehard gamer, and a loving wife to long-time beau Mikael Daez

Megan Young continuously lives up to the prestige that bears her name. As the newest brand ambassadress of Megan Beauty, she is now here to not just empower women from the inside out by making them feel beautiful, but also to embody confidence and be clothed with nothing but love of self-care. Megan once stated, “I always tell girls that I meet na as much as it’s great to become someone, make sure that your goal is to be the best you.” Undeniably, the beauty queen never ceases to inspire people of all ages with her wit and passion. 

Megan Beauty is a personal and beauty care product promoting Filipina beauty since 2009. It is known for being budget-friendly and easy-to-use without compromising the quality and effectiveness in achieving your desired Filipina beauty goal. 


Furthermore, the products of Megan Beauty promotes not of changing one’s look to feel as pretty as one aims to be, but to enhance what one already has. Merging beauty and confidence is what Megan Beauty’s next campaign is, through #MeganBeautyWorld– it is a fusion of helping women realize that with Megan Beauty all Filipinas are beautiful, and showcasing that inner beauty as they take on the world by heart. This aims to empower all women, and the women at heart, in reminding that everyone is beautiful in their natural element; no more, no less. 


We are all already beautiful, we just need the courage to realize it. 


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