Sunday, October 30, 2022

Beautéderm Health Boosters opens new chapter with Sam Milby



BEAUTéDERM Corporation continues to advocate excellent health and premium wellness as it formally launches a new set of health essential products with Sam Milby as brand ambassador. 

Collectively packaged as Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets, the new line under REIKO and KENZEN consists of three brand new products that are developed and manufactured in Japan – all of which are FDA Compliant and are expertly formulated to bolster the body’s overall health and well-being with the objective of being deliberately handy as each product could be easily dissolved in water and could be taken anytime and anywhere for that extra boost of energy and revitalization that the body needs every day. 

The first is Reiko ShiroSan – a first grade dietary supplement that contains a blend of marine collagen that is ideal for the rejuvenation of joints and other bodily organs; peptides; and non-acidic Vitamin C which is known as an energy booster and a natural antioxidant. 

The second is Kenzen YasaiDes – a dietary superfood supplement with a potent blend of Vitamin E and tomato extract with fruit and other vegetable extracts that is helps in strengthening the immune system. This is also a very good dietary option for veggies and best for kids and adults who are in need of extra nourishment in their diets.

Completing the set is Kenzen MizuPlus – an excellent dietary supplement that contains a blend of Green Tea extract and magnesium, which helps in normalizing high blood pressure and in the prevention of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Kenzen MizuPlus also contains high absorption calcium that helps in maintaining the strength of the bones and joints while aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis; and high absorption L-Malic Acid that helps in the prevention of fatigue, in the increase of mental focus, and the speedy recovery from muscle pain. This tablet, which also be used a meal replacement for those who are in a diet, also contains vanilla which is considered as an effective agent in controlling glucose levels in the blood. 

Each Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablet can easily be taken by dissolving it in a glass of water once a day before a meal or as recommended by a health professional.

Sam Milby is one of the busiest artists in the industry today whose career spans almost two decades as he starred in a steady string of top rating primetime TV series and blockbuster movies while endorsing some of the most trusted brands in the market. 

Today, Sam is as busy as ever as he is currently featured as one of the lead stars of Kapamilya Channel’s primetime romance-drama series A Family Affair. And with his hectic schedule, being the health buff that he is, Sam openly admits that is vital to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle especially in the midst of the pandemic. 

“I am honored and grateful now that I am finally a part of Beautéderm’s amazing family,” says Sam. “Through the years, I learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle because of the challenging lifestyle that I have as an actor which could affect the wellbeing of both my mind and body. I need to ensure that I am always in the best physical condition through regular exercise and the right diet coupled with the right amount of sleep. Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets are the perfect partner for me to further guaranteed that my body stays healthy and fully charged all the time.”

Beautéderm’s President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan on the other hand welcomes Sam with open arms as she reveals that he is undoubtedly the best choice to represent the newest products under Beautéderm Health Boosters. “The line-up of Beautéderm’s A-list brand ambassadors could never be complete without Sam. I have always admired his body of work and I am very pleased to discover that he is so fun and easy to work with,” gushes Rhea. “Sam’s lifestyle should be emulated because of his discipline and professionalism. He lives a balanced and healthy life which makes him the perfect artist to represent Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets.” 

The saying that health is wealth is not merely a cliché as seen in the life and career of Sam Milby. And during these trying times where good health is the most important currency to weather life’s man challenges, we should all model the choice of Sam to strengthen his body with a regular boost of natural vitality and make Beautéderm Health Boosters Effervescent Tablets part of our daily essentials.


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