Friday, June 3, 2022

Black Creative Studio and Black Entertainment is finally here



There’s a saying, “once you go BLACK, you can never go back.” That’s what Black Creative Studio and Black Entertainment are all about! Black Creative Studio is a high-end studio that offers state of the art equipment for photoshoots and recordings. The studio’s modern and minimalist aesthetics is definitely one for the ‘Gram! Coffee lovers may also enjoy their “black” or with cream as Black Creative Studio also houses CafĂ© Gracia, a rustic and quaint coffee shop.


The stars shine the brightest when the night is dark… or in this case when it is BLACK. Black Entertainment is the newest talent management agency that aims to discover and develop new and upcoming artists. Black Entertainment is set to launch a fresh roster of singers, dancers, models, actors and even online personalities. Part of Black Entertainment’s future plans is to be able to produce TV shows and movies in the near future. But according to Black Entertainment’s Managing Partner, Direk Bobet Vidanes, the focus as of the moment is to discover and develop talents.

Black Creative Studio and Black Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer, Miss Grace Cristobal promises that you can never go back to basics once you go BLACK.

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