Friday, March 18, 2022

Jona and Ariel Rivera Join Sing Galing Nation


Following its successful comeback that marked many firsts for the country’s original and pioneering videoke TV program, Sing Galing announces a Year 2 that levels up in excitement and amusement with bigger prizes, new segments, new personalities to join the Kantawanan, and more surprising celebrations to watch out for.

In a record-breaking grand finale that garnered the largest audience share for TV5's Saturday primetime since 2016, Sing Galing recently made history by being the first TV show to air live from the newly-restored cultural treasure, The Metropolitan Theater.  Mari Mar Tua of Pampanga, a record-holder BidaOke Star with eight wins in the show’s regular edition, was hailed as the first-ever Ultimate BidaOke Star during the Kantastic Finale. She won a Sing Galing trophy from renowned artist Toym Imao, a house and lot from Bria, and one million pesos cash. Actor Patrick Quiroz also won one million pesos cash plus P100,000 for his chosen Bidaficiary when he bagged the Ultimate Sing-lebrity BidaOke title in the Sing-lebrity Edition grand finals.

The Sing Galing family grows even bigger with the announcement of Diva-Oke Songstress Jona and Chief Sing-patiko Ariel Rivera as the newest Jukebosses to join the kantawanan. Sing-lebrity Edition Jukeboss Allan K will also be joining as official Jukeboss to delight the kaawitbahays more with his hilarious yet insightful comments every day. Moreover, viral TikTok cuties @Danejeshorun and @Dandanpadilla will also be joining as new Singtokers to showcase their Sing-giling moves. The Sing-galingan continues for the ten Team Galing members as they will now be joining the show’s weekly Kan2waan.

Sing Galing Year 2 unveils not just a new look for the show but bigger prizes and more chances of winning. Singtestants will get to win a total of P100,000 for the day if they achieve a perfect score in the Asingtado round. The return of Sing Galing’s iconic Pachinko Ball will also give a nostalgic twist for Ka-awitbahays across the country. 

The Sing Galing Digiverse also explodes with new online shows that will also air as new weekly segments on the show: the weekly live audition show Sing Galing Bi-Da Star, the random street adventures of Team Galing members and Sing-lebrities in Sing Gala, and the weekly Sing Giling featuring TikTok dancers and guest Singtokers. 

All these and more make up the Sing Galing Nation. Sing along and experience the Sing Galing fun every night at 6:30 PM, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, only on TV5.

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