Friday, September 24, 2021

Piolo Pascual Joins TV5’s Niña Niño

TV5’s comedy-drama series Niña Niño has become a household favorite and is reaching a wider national audience since it premiered in April 2021. The show’s growing following has hit a record-breaking 5.0 percent in TV ratings despite strong competition from other programs in the same time slot.

Marking this showbiz milestone and as a way of saying thank you to our Kapatid viewers, Piolo Pascual, the country’s ultimate heartthrob, will be joining the Niña Niño cast as the indefatigable Mayor of Sitio Sta. Ynez starting October 25. He will come in as a new elected official whose domain include Sitio Sta Ynez, where this quick-witted and down to earth drama is being played out. He is going to play the role of Mayor Christopher Charles Juarez, a young and ambitious mayor who has his heart set on serving the people of Sitio Sta Ynez in his first term in office.

Cignal TV and TV5 President & CEO, Robert P. Galang underscored the wide public acceptance of Niño and Niña as a measure of how TV5 has hit the right tune in its prime-time programming. He shared, “We are grateful for those viewers who continually anticipate our shows. We wouldn’t be able to achieve such high ratings without their support for Niña Niño and we hope that they will enjoy this great treat we have in store for them.”

With Piolo Pascual on board, the show’s writers, John Bedia and Lawrence Nicodemus, are cooking up more ingenious plot lines for a compelling portrayal of Mayor Charles on Niña Niño. As Mayor Charles, Piolo will have to wrestle with his political clan’s long tradition in local politics and face challenges both as a leader and as a man of conflicting personalities.

Catch Piolo Pascual with Maja Salvador and Noel Comia Jr. starting October 25 in TV5’s Niña Niño, the series that teaches us that while there is life, there is still hope. Co-produced by Cignal Entertainment and CS Studios and directed by award-winning director Thop Nazareno, Niña Niño airs every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:15pm, after Sing Galing and before FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on TV5.

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