Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sir Wil Online Challenge continues to support " Stay Home, Save Lives " campaign through different Online Challenges with generous amount of prizes

Sir Wil Online Challenge was conceptualized and created for the community quarantine period by successful entrepreneur, leading LBTQia personality, genuinely generous, big-hearted and highly creative Wilbert Tolentino to provide financial assistance to different sectors of society. Sir Wil Online Challenge has pioneered innovative, well-produced and highly received virtual events that promote the advocacies:

Stay Home. Save Lives.

We Will Beat COVID 19!

The Sir Wil Online Challenge Board of Directors:
  • Chairman and President - Wilbert Tolentino
  • Vice President for Guidelines and Editor – Ryan Sotto
  • Monitoring Officer – Frankendal Fabroa
  • Photographer, videographer and visual artist – Gelbert Aplal
  • Finance Officer – Chad Jonas
  • Vice-Chairman, Writer and Director – Rodgil Flores
  • In-House Host - Kristine Caballero Aplal
Also part of Sir Wil Online Challenge are Coordinating Officers:

  • Team Leader - JayJay PalaoChristopher Cornel and Enan Cruz

Sir Wil Online Challenge has successfully organized the following virtual competitions with more prizes getting bigger and bigger!

The Queen of Lockdown Transformation 2020- Pagirl / Pahard Challenge
(for gay community)

  • 4 th Runner-Up (P500 plus 1 sack of rice) – HIRO MAKINANO
  • 3 RD Runner-Up (P1,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – KARL GONZALES
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P2,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – AJ CASTRO JOSE
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P3,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – GIOVANNI LAZARO FLORES
  • Grand Winner (P10,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – POPOY SON ROXAS

Sir Wil Extreme Cutie Quest Challenge
(for families)
  • 4 th Runner-Up (P3,000) – IANNY A. CANILLO
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P8,000) – KRISTINE CABALLERO APLAL
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P10,000) – RED REDVINGREY
  • Grand Winner (P20,000) – MARY LETIM PONCE

(for Social Media Influencers)

  • 4 th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JS ASUNCION
  • 3 RD Runner-Up (P5,000) – JUSTINE RHAY SIMBULAN
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – PRINCESS KHIM SANTILLAN
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P20,000) – JAY COSTURA DREAMS
  • Grand Winner (P50,000) – SACHZNA LAPARAN

SIR WIL DRAG QUEEN CHALLENGE - The Ultimate Impersonation Contest
(for impersonators and entertainers)

  • 4 th Runner-Up (P3,000) – DBLACKBUTTERFLY AIKEE
  • 3 RD Runner-Up (P5,000) – TIFFANY
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – VINAS DELUXE
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P20,000) – KHANDIE SEGOVIA
  • Grand Winner (P50,000) – LADY IVANA

The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Beki Online Pageant – QUEEN OF bECQi 2020
(for gays and transgender women)
*with special guest judge: the Philippines’ foremost pageant blogger Norman Tinio

  • 4 th Runner-Up (P5,000) – BRITNEY MADALI
  • 3 RD Runner-Up (P10,000) – PATRICK ISORENA
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – LARS PACHECO
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P50,000) – MATMAT CENTINO
  • Grand Winner (P100,000) – MARIANNE CRISOLOGO

WiL or No WiL Online Game Show (open to all)

The King of ECQ Online SearchGINOONG QUARANTINO 2020 ( for entertainment, ramp, TVC
male models/ male pageant aspirants)
(special guest judge and commentator: Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry Ammann )

  • 4 th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JIRO GARCIA
  • 3 RD Runner-Up (P10,000) – CZACK BUENAFE
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – ROBBY CUBACUC
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P50,000) – WIZE ESTABILLO
  • Grand Winner (P200,000) – ALLEN ONG MOLINA

(for social media influencers)

  • 4 th Runner-Up (P10,000) – KURT LAWRENCE BAUTISTA
  • 3 RD Runner-Up (P20,000) – DWINE ENRIQUEZ
  • 2 nd Runner-Up (P30,000) – CHESTER LAPAZ
  • 1 st Runner-Up (P50,000) – BUKNOY GLAMUR
  • Grand Winner (P200,000) – SHAINA DENNIZ

Sir Wil Media Challenge
(for entertainment, lifestyle and pageant media)

4th Runner-up – Php 10,000
3 rd Runner-up –Php 20,000
2 nd Runner-up – Php 30,000
1 st Runner-up – Php 50,000
Grand Winner will receive Php 100,000.00

Expect more exciting online competitions with fabulous prizes from Sir Wil Online Challenge as the community quarantine continues!

Let's continue to support Sir Wil with his altruistic campaigns. He definitely wants to ease our burden and relieve our stress during this pandemic by incorporating fun in the competitions. He wants to continuously share his blessings to all of us. So, always check the Facebook Page of Sir Wil ->

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