Friday, November 8, 2019

Movie Review for The " Art Of Ligaw "

The “Art of Ligaw” is really a must-see movie. The plot is written with wit and depth. The story revolves around Jake Esguerra (Epy Quizon) who is from Manila and he has never courted a girl yet until she meets Carisse (KZ Tandingan) who is a Call Center Supervisor in Davao. 

Jake is the usual happy-go-lucky guy, one night stands here and there, flirting but not settling.

Then, he was convinced by a friend for a Davao-based project where he would meet Carisse who is definitely a game changer. Find out how the story unravels. Watch it and agree/disagree if the “Art of Ligaw” is still evident and still needed in this time and age.

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